Frequently asked questions

Do you edit all of the photos taken?

During our session, I take a multitde of pictures using a fast shutter speed to ensure I get the right shot. After our shoot, I filter through the images and spend diligent time editing the best ones.

Do you have recommended locations for the photoshoot?

Yes! I have a compiled list of locations from previous photoshoots and can send them to you for suggestions. New location ideas are always welcome!

Do you have a travel fee?

Yes. If the chosen location is further than 20mi in either direction from my location, there is a travel fee of $40 added to the total cost of your photo package.

What should I (or we) wear for the photoshoot?

While choosing what to wear, consider a color scheme that is cohesive with everyone in your party. Keep in mind of the vibe you want to convey and the season during your photoshoot. Bringing all of these elements together will help support the aesthetic aspect of your photos. For further assistance, I often suggest to search Pinterest or you can explore my website and Instagram for additional ideas from previous shoots I've posted. For boudoir sessions, I send you a guideline with tips and suggestions on what to bring and wear which can be used at your discretion.

How should I (or we) pose for pictures?

Part of my passion for photography comes from those heart stopping candid moments that are raw, real and natural. Therefore, I encourage "in the moment" shots with some minimal posing. For boudoir shoots, I understand the idea can be overwhelming but dont worry- I am here to help guide you every step of the way! For any type of session, I suggest that you search Pinterest for photoshoot ideas on the types of moments you would like to try to capture. I encourage my clients to forward their findings my way before your photoshoot so I can get a feel for what we can create together.

Can additional USB's be purchased if we would like multiple copies?

I would be more than happy to fulfill your request in making you additional USB's at $20 each.

Are props provided?

Currently, I do not provide props but they are welcomed and greatly encouraged! However, I have a small selection of props that I can bring for boudoir shoots if desired by the client.

Will my photos be posted on your website or Instagram account?

I ONLY post pictures if you approve and give permission to do so. I take great pride in what I create and love to share my best work to allow my business and passion to thrive while respecting your decision.

Do you have gift certificates for purchase?

Why yes I do! If you are interested in buying a gift certifcate, please contact me for details!

How do you take payment?

I accept payment through cash or Venmo, thank you in advance!